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Psychology Behind Carpet Colours

The choice of the right colour is far more important than just aesthetics regardless of whether you are painting your walls or making your living room more stylish with a brand new sofa. That colours have a very big role in influencing our perception of the world around us is now a well-established fact.

There are deep psychological effects of different colour schemes that are often overlooked by many people. Colours can bring warmth to the room, and they can make a smaller room look more spacious. Oh, and who doesn’t know how profusely can colours influence our moods. Phrases such as “red with anger” and “green with envy show” that colours influence our behaviour and moods.

So, if you are looking to create a specific mood for your home by bringing about a unique change, you will have no choice but to exercise great care while picking the colours for your home. As you are about to leave on the quest to find the perfect colour scheme for your home, we have decided to put together certain useful psychology tops for you to remember. While BM’s cheap carpets in Hilcote, Alfreton offer you all kinds of colourful carpets, here’s what you need to know about the colours beforehand.

Let’s begin with;


Warm Colours

As implied by their name, these are such colours that bring warmth to the rooms. Using these colour-schemes, namely orange, yellows and red, you can give your rooms a cold-free and warm feel. These colours are perfect for areas that you want to keep radiant and cosy.



Considered among the most intense colours, red is typically linked with passion and energy. There have been studies indicating that red colour generates hunger, and encourages conversation, making it a perfect choice for the kitchen. As this colour also increases blood pressure, you may want to avoid completely painting your bedroom with this colour.



This colour inspires energy as well as optimism. Different studies have shown people who are exposed to yellow colour release more serotonin which is a chemical found in our brain responsible for our happiness and well-being.

Don’t expose yourself to this colour too excessively as it could also have the opposite effect which may cause anxiety and feelings.

This colour would be a great choice for areas such as Kitchens and bathrooms.


Cool Colours

In contrast to warm colours are what are called cool colours. These are the ones that have a relaxing and comforting effect. This makes them ideal for bedrooms. Blue and green are two of the most famous cool colours. Here’s how they can help you.


Blue Colour

It is the most popular colour used for interior areas. The reason behind its popularity is that blue colours tend to slow your heart rate and also lowers your body temperature giving you a sense of relaxation and calm.

The blue colour is also highly suitable for laundry areas and bathrooms alike. BM’s full house carpet deals Hilcote, Alfreton can provide you with some of the best blue coloured materials.


Green Colour

This colour remains famous because of its connection with nature and the outdoor world. Because of these qualities, the green colour has the most soothing effect on the eyes.

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