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Importance Of Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is one of those things about owning a carpet that is most overlooked and ignored by carpet owners. However, let us tell you that padding constitutes a very important part and parcel of every wall to wall carpeting project.

Despite such negligence of carpet owners, the fact remains that both padding and carpets go hand in hand. Even though it remains unseen and out of focus, carpet padding is actually vital for your floors.

Underlay is yet another term by which carpet padding is referred to. This is called so because it serves as the foundation for the installation of carpets. It’s, therefore, one of the many reasons you should pay attention to the underlay.

The fundamental objective of carpet padding is to make sure that your carpeting is secured and protected. The underlay prevents your carpet from being worn out due to consistent touching with the bare floor. It also helps reduce the impact coming from heavier objects such as furniture etc. BM’s full house carpet deals Sutton-in-Ashfield include quality carpet padding that caters to a varied range of needs.

Here are some additional reasons as to why carpet padding is useful for your place.


Softer Feel

Padding gives your carpet a softer feel which makes walking on it more comfortable. Unlike the misconception of many homeowners of it being the sole objective of carpet padding, the underlay has more benefits to offer. You should understand that a pad considered the best for a particular carpet may be less comfortable than another one.


Easy Cleaning

When you have a carpet pad, the cleaning becomes easier and far more efficient. The presence of padding can actually enable your vacuum to slightly raise the carpet removing a greater amount of dust from it. Consequently, the health of everyone is improved as allergens are efficiently removed. If you want to ensure that your and your loved ones’ health is protected, do add carpet padding to your carpet. Moreover, a carpet underlay is also an excellent thermal insulator.


Heat Provider

Carpet padding helps stops such drafts that seep through the porous carpeting layout. Moreover, padding is greater in R-value which is basically a measurement of a material’s ability to withstand heat and prevent it from passing through it. As padding has more R-value than a carpet, this ensures that the room stays warm and cold-free.


Sound Cancellation

Carpets happen to be excellent for noise reduction. So is the carpet padding because it provides impactful sound dampening effect. This property of underlay is not only important for the upstairs room but also for a basement where a pad helps to reduce more sound than just a carpet.



This is one of the catchiest features of carpet underlay. They are fairly easy to afford. If you are going for a carpet worth hundreds of dollars, spending a few more bucks on carpet padding won’t interrupt your budget.

There are several affordable options at BM Carpet shop Sutton-in-Ashfield for you to pick from.

Be very sure to get underlay for your carpet for its enhanced life and better performance!

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