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Our price promise
If we can’t beat any carpet competitors price we’ll give you our carpets for FREE
As a family run business we are able to offer unbelievable, discounted prices
Transform Your Garden with High-Quality Artificial Grass from BM Carpets & Sofas!
Imagine stepping into your outdoor sanctuary, a beautiful, lush lawn that stays green and inviting all year round without any of the usual maintenance headaches. With our top-of-the-line artificial grass, you can turn this dream into a reality.
Why choose our artificial grass? Our synthetic turf is thoughtfully designed to closely mimic the appearance and texture of natural grass. You'll be amazed by its lifelike appearance, complete with varying shades of green and a soft, natural bounce underfoot. No one will ever know it's not the real thing!
Say goodbye to endless mowing, watering, and pesky weeds. Our artificial grass requires minimal maintenance, giving you back your weekends and leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy your beautiful lawn. Just a quick rinse now and then will keep it looking fresh and vibrant.
Durability is at the core of our artificial grass. Built with high-quality materials, it can handle heavy foot traffic, playful pets, and all kinds of outdoor activities. Your lawn will remain intact and lush, no matter what the weather throws at it.

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Our Price Promise

If we can’t beat any carpet competitors price we’ll give you our carpets for FREE, now that’s a price promise! We’re able to do this because of our unique buying power. We buy carpet by the square mile to sell to you by the square yard, so before you buy your carpets elsewhere try BM Carpets for 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
Safety is our priority. Our artificial grass is free from harmful chemicals and allergens, providing a safe and clean environment for your loved ones, including children and pets. Its excellent drainage properties also mean no more muddy puddles, ensuring a dry and safe surface for everyone to enjoy.
Versatility is another advantage of our artificial grass. Whether you want to transform your backyard into a serene garden or add greenery to a balcony or commercial space, the possibilities are endless. Our turf can be customized to suit your unique vision and requirements.
Why Choose BM Carpets & Sofas?
Say hello to the garden of your dreams with our exquisite range of Artificial Grass. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards transforming your outdoor space into a lush and evergreen oasis. With BM Carpets & Sofas, your dream garden is just a step away!
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why buy from us?

We’re a family-run business and are able to offer unbelievable discounted prices on carpets.
How can we do it?
Our family has been in the carpet industry for over a century. Yes, that's right—100 years! In this time, we have built an incredible relationship with the top manufacturers in the UK for carpets. This unique relationship allows us to purchase carpets at heavily discounted prices. This enables us to pass the discount on to you.

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